Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We Bulls faced each other

As we were driving through Karapura ( Nagarhole National Park ) , i found this giant standing by the road side. We went past it , parked our vechile and got down. The bull was clearly sizing us up as we approached it. At about 10 feet from him, he lifted his massive head and started glowering at us. I had to use the flash on my camera as there was not enough sunlight to catch him in full glory. Time was roughly 6.30am.
He let us watch him and admire his contours. I could see the massive dorsal ridge , his ashy forehead and massive pointed horns. His mate was hiding behind him. The tail was twitching which to us was a good indication that he did not mind our intrusion. After a couple of shots , at the same angle i walked parallel to the bisons. As i walked opposite to him , he turned his massive head to see where i going. It sent a chill down my spine as i realised his might. Years of watching and seeing these magnificient beasts in the wild, i have realised that they are one of the most gentle of all wild animals. Rarely does a bison attack. And most of them will allow you to get quite close to them. I have also realised that all wild animals have an uncanny sense of danger. It is only when we feel afraid and panicked, the feeling somehow permeates to the animals and in return they panic. This said it still instills a kind of fear, a feeling of how insignificant we are in front of nature.

This was one of the best moments of my life. The adrenalin was overflowing. I had thought that these shots would be my masterpiece. In the excitement, i forgot that i had the camera on auto focus. I had manually zoomed in more and had cropped the road. My composition had only the bull as he crossed the road to my right. Whatever more of manual zoom that i had done was of no effect. I realised my mistake as the prints came to my hand.

A little more on bisons. The largest bovine in the world , it weighs anywhere between 1000kgs - 1200kgs. It stands at an easy 6 feet in height. Adult males are glossy black in colour while the females and young ones are dark brown.

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